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Présentation de la Liste des Citoyens (English Version)

A project by residents for the residents:

Get to know the new “Liste des Citoyens – LC (Citizens’ list) in view of the Elections

Dear fellow residents,

In view of the upcoming municipal elections scheduled for Sunday 14 October, we would like to shortly present ourselves and the rationale underpinning our election manifesto.

We are

- a group of citizens from La Hulpe concerned by the future of our village and who want to help build a well-being-together respectful of each other and of the environment.

- engaged in a participative and innovative project for our village.

We chose to call ourselves La Liste des Citoyens “LC” (The Citizens’ List). The Citizens’ list is open to all citizens of La Hulpe regardless of their country of origin or social background, who genuinely wish to support a constructive project defined collectively.

LC is not affiliated to and does not depend on any political party.

Our objectives

Our goal is to prepare the “La Hulpe of tomorrow”, a village with a rekindled community spirit and which successfully manages the ecological transition.

Therefore we decided to stand for this autumn’s municipal elections and to allow a transition to a model of governance that gives residents the opportunity to take care of their community, involving them in making important decisions throughout the future mandate. We want to build a local democracy based on collective intelligence, which entails:

- To preserve the pleasant living environment in our municipality,

- To seek real solutions with and for the people on the problems that our municipality encounters (mobility, town planning, etc.),

- To proactively include citizens in important decisions,

- To promote citizen participation and take into account their opinions,

- To ensure genuine transparency in the management of the municipality.

Our approach

Initially launched on a call from the ecologists of La Hulpe, this participatory list process took off in the spring of 2017, and builds on a broader dynamic that exists in Belgium and abroad.

The starting premise is that everyone has expertise and skills in a particular field or know-how which he/she can share and bring to the community.

Since then, we have been building our project, firstly by organizing meetings aimed at defining our programme for the elections and our internal way of working, and secondly by reinforcing the core group’s skills through training in participatory democracy.

Each resident can commit, monitor the project or get involved at any time.

A programme drawn up "by the residents for the residents"

The program was defined collectively during a series of participative meetings, during which the residents came together to imagine innovative and constructive projects around different themes: mobility, transition, culture, ....

Collectively a total of 30 measures (out of a total of 192 initial proposals) on how to prepare the “La Hulpe of tomorrow”, was eventually selected and which are listed in our Manifesto.

The wish is that it best reflects the expectations of the residents from La Hulpe.

Detailed information on the 30 measures proposed can be found on our flyers, and our detailed program (in French language) is available on our website (

Upon request,

- we can provide you also with an English translation of our manifesto and the presentation of our candidates,


- better yet, meet you in person.

Welcome to those who wish to embark on this adventure!

Best regards,

Liste des Citoyens (Citizens’ list) – N°12

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